Our Jewels

  • Sibilla Jewels is a collection of classic and contemporary jewelry of luminescent cultured sea glass and semi-precious stones in vibrant jewel tones, pale pastels and milky opaque colors.
  • Pieces are artfully designed and enhanced with sparkling crystals, natural fresh water pearls and richly elegant 18k vermeil and gold filled trim.
  • All the elements that inspire art, form, color and light are uniquely combined in this timeless collection.

Our design collections...

  • Newport Collection  softly rounded square shape cultured sea glass in varying colors and trims. Earrings, bracelets and combination sets are available.  Earrings are approximately 1.25-1.5 inches long.  Bracelets are pull-ons and fit the average  wrist of 6.5  to 7.5 inches.
  • Southampton Collection  - brilliant barrel shaped sea glass in four colors. Stones range from 12 to 20 mm. Bracelets are pull-ons and fit the average wrist of 7 to 7.75 inches.
  • Our Juliet Collection are individual earrings in a more petite size.  The smaller nuggets of cultured sea glass are 10 mm long and are in a variety of color and bead combinations  Each nugget is about 10 x 10 mm long.

More about our quality...

  • Each earring has a substantial heavily coated gold filled wire.  If a solid gold wire is needed, please contact us before placing an order and we will replace for an additional $30.  
  • Our bracelets are all hand-made with the industries finest stretch nylon cord.
  • The chain used in our necklaces is 14K gold filled.

How to properly care and clean our jewelry...

  • Please remember that cultured sea glass is GLASS. It is thick tumbled and durable but it is still glass so please avoid dropping pieces.
  • Sea glass with pearls should never be sprayed with perfume and as with all jewelry we do not recommend wearing it in salt water. 
  • Natural body oils and dust in the air can turn stones and gold dark. This film is easily removed with a damp cloth or soft tooth brush and mild soap.

Our colors may vary slightly from season to season.